The organ is such a valuable instrument and the building in which it is installed is usually so important that you should of course also pay due attention to the organ case design. Above all, church organs have to correspond visually to their liturgical meaning.

Whether organ design or drafting of given schemes, whether elevation drawing or photomontage: For organ projects with high artistic standards, a professional design quality paired with a detailed and realistic organ illustration is essential.

In addition to a competent project support, here you will find exactly the proper support in all questions regarding organ design for an ideal architectural solution that will contribute to the success of your organ project – even under complicated requirements.

Organ Case Design

With modern design variants the entire range of possibilities for room-enriching and innovative organ cases can be covered, from dapper restraint in traditional concepts to futuristic extravagance with unusual solutions. Contrasting situations are particularly fascinating, in which a contemporary organ needs to be sensitively woven into a historical church interior.

Every organ design is planned according to the principles of organ building, developed from the inside out according to the specification (stoplist) and division positioning and basically coordinated with the organ builder. Of course, drafting up your existing sketches or your specific requirements is also possible. Floor plans of the case are included as standard for the precise definition of the spatial design.

You will find further image examples in the project galleries.

Case Modification

A specialty are optical modifications of existing organs during alterations, renovations or translocations, which can increase the attractiveness of the instrument and its visual integration into the room. Particularly for neo-baroque cases purposeful changes to the color scheme, the pipe shade design or individual case parts can be of considerable effect and let the instrument shine in a new view.

Console Design

As the direct point of contact between organ and organist, each console has to perform the essential task of not only enabling the instrument to be operated comfortably, but also of inspiring the player in such a way that a musically fruitful interaction arises between the two. Accordingly, consoles are an integral part of the organ design, which have to be handled with the same care. Whether as a built-in key desk or a detached console – only an optically inviting console that is ergonomically designed and practical to use with a well-thought-out stop layout will give musicians lasting pleasure.

Organ Graphic Arts

The characteristic drawing style gives the organ graphics, especially such shown as an orthogonal parallel projection, their very own aesthetic value with great attention to detail, which also makes them suitable for documentary purposes, visualization of historical analyzes or appealing illustrations of existing organs (e.g. for art prints).

Elevation drawings of modern or historical organ cases, as they are required for renovation and restoration projects, are also part of the scope of services.

You will find more picture examples in the gallery Other Organ Graphics.

Historic Styles

Additions and reconstructions of existing organ cases, as well as new organs in historical, regional or workshop-specific styles require a special sense for the respective characteristics. Professional and true-to-original organ designs are created by using knowledge of art and organ building history.


In order to illustrate a planned organ situation even more clearly for laypeople, photomontages are suitable. The perspective modified design drawings are seamlessly incorporated into a photograph of the room, resulting in a realistic visualization.

Schematic Drawings

In the context of project planning or an organ building offer, it can be helpful to present the technical system or division layout with windchest/soundboard positions in an easily understandable schematic drawing. With a drafted up illustration of your technical specifications, you enrich your offer documents and make your construction planning clearly comprehensible.

Project Support

During the entire planning and design process you will receive professional support and advice, starting with preliminary exchange of ideas and initial sketches, through the development of the design to the implementation of the project. Even after submitting a design, you can still count on my artistic cooperation, e.g. if subsequent changes become necessary.

Especially when building a new organ, in addition to the building owner, many trades and responsibilities interact with one another concerning the case design: organ builders, organists, experts, monument preservationists, architects etc. My service includes communication and coordination with the project participants in order to keep all wishes and specifications taken into account in a holistic concept. The top priority is planning “hand in hand” with the executive organ builder.

Public relations

Advertising, public relations and other publication content are also part of everyday life in the field of organ building and organ music: advertisements, information brochures, monographs, commemorative publications, specialist literature, logos, layouts and websites are just a few examples which organ builders, organ building associations, etc. have to deal with.

With a content-related and graphically attractive appearance, you ensure that your publications or offer documents leave the desired lasting impression. You will receive professional and creative support from me in the resulting questions of graphic design and text composition.