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Latest Entries

2023-06-01: Design draft for a new organ console (Düsseldorf-Lörick, St. Maria Hilfe der Christen) added at Current Projects .

2023-05-17: The preliminary draft for the installation of a new organ in the Regelkirche Erfurt is presented in the  Current Projects section.

2023-04-06: The new organ for the NAK Zurich has been completed. Photos added to the gallery at Current Projects.

2023-04-04: Photos of the completed new console for the St. Cornelius Church in Dülken are shown at Current Projects.

2023-02-22: Design graphics added for the new organ in Gebhardshain (prospectus and console), please see Current Projects.


2023-01-09: In 2023 I will celebrate my 25th anniversary as an organ designer. In 1998 I received the first order to design an organ case, which was realized (concert hall organ in Habikino, Japan). A quarter of a century of successful participation in numerous international organ building projects has now passed. I will continue to be at your side with artistic advice and action for all questions relating to pipe organ architecture and organ console design.

2022-12-23: Design drawing and photos of the finished console for the romantic organ of the Greiz town church can be found at the Realized Designs gallery.

2022-12-15: Organ console design for the new organ at Weilheim parish church uploaded. See also the specific gallery at Current Projects.

2022-12-06: The organ project in the Pöstlingbergkirche Linz has been completed. The design graphics and a view of the finished organ can be found at the Realized Designs gallery.

2022-08-04: Modified organ console design and layout for Brunswick Cathedral uploaded. See also the specific gallery at Current Projects.

2022-07-14: See the visual design for the new organ in Heeren-Werve at Current Projects.

2022-06-11: Photoset of five organs in Münster/Westphalia, visited during the annual meeting of BDO/VDO see here.

2022-03-10: The design graphics for the newly built organ of the Central Methodist Church in Incheon/South Korea can be found together with some photos of the finished instrument at the Realized Designs gallery.

2022-02-22: Organ case design in Dutch Baroque style with two different color variants  added in Other Organ Graphics.

2022-02-22: Organ case design for the new choir organ at Marienstatt Abbey added in Current Projects.

2022-01-10: Modified case designs for the choir organ at Brunswick Cathedral added in Current Projects.

2021-12-15: See the design drawing and photos from the mobile organ console for Kongress am Park concert hall, Augsburg, at Realized Projects.

2021-12-13: Photos from the study trip to unaltered preserved Henry “Father” Willis organs see here.

2021-12-03: Organ design visualization for the new organ at the Weilheim parish church added in Current Projects.

2021-10-28: The design of a new choir organ for the town church at Kahla, which has meanwhile been realized, can now be found with a photographic view of the organ at Realized Projects.

Orgelarchitektur Zickermann is member of the Bund Deutscher Orgelbaumeister and the International Society of Organ Builders.