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Latest Entries

2023-11-30: Renderings for the architectural integration of a historic organ façade in the village church of Holtum added in Current Projects.

2023-11-16: Design of the mobile console for the Potsdam Garrison Church added to the accompanying gallery at Current Projects.

2023-11-15: A preliminary prospectus design for the new Johann Walter organ is published at Current Projects.

2023-11-07: See organ case and console designs for a new concert hall organ in Busan/South Korea at Current Projects.

2023-10-24 / 2023-09-22: Photos of the new choir organ at Brunswick Cathedral added in Current Projects.

2023-07-18: Final designs for the choir organ at Brunswick Cathedral added in Current Projects.

2023-06-28: A new organ case design study in the neo-Romanesque Cavaillé-Coll style can be found in the Other Organ Graphics gallery.
2023-06-20: Reconstruction drawing of the neo-gothic organ case of the former organ at Hildesheim Christuskirche added to the Other Organ Graphics gallery.

2023-06-01: Design draft for a new organ console (Düsseldorf-Lörick, St. Maria Hilfe der Christen) added at Current Projects .

2023-05-17: The preliminary draft for the installation of a new organ in the Regelkirche Erfurt is presented in the  Current Projects section.

2023-04-06: The new organ for the NAK Zurich has been completed. Photos added to the gallery at Current Projects.

2023-04-04: Photos of the completed new console for the St. Cornelius Church in Dülken are shown at Current Projects.

2023-02-22: Design graphics added for the new organ in Gebhardshain (prospectus and console), please see Current Projects.


2023-01-09: In 2023 I will celebrate my 25th anniversary as an organ designer. In 1998 I received the first order to design an organ case, which was realized (concert hall organ in Habikino, Japan). A quarter of a century of successful participation in numerous international organ building projects has now passed. I will continue to be at your side with artistic advice and action for all questions relating to pipe organ architecture and organ console design.

2022-12-23: Design drawing and photos of the finished console for the romantic organ of the Greiz town church can be found at the Realized Designs gallery.

2022-12-15: Organ console design for the new organ at Weilheim parish church uploaded. See also the specific gallery at Current Projects.

2022-12-06: The organ project in the Pöstlingbergkirche Linz has been completed. The design graphics and a view of the finished organ can be found at the Realized Designs gallery.

2022-07-14: See the visual design for the new organ in Heeren-Werve at Current Projects.

2022-06-11: Photoset of five organs in Münster/Westphalia, visited during the annual meeting of BDO/VDO see here.

2022-03-10: The design graphics for the newly built organ of the Central Methodist Church in Incheon/South Korea can be found together with some photos of the finished instrument at the Realized Designs gallery.

2022-02-22: Organ case design in Dutch Baroque style with two different color variants  added in Other Organ Graphics.

2022-02-22: Organ case design for the new choir organ at Marienstatt Abbey added in Current Projects.

Orgelarchitektur Zickermann is member of the Bund Deutscher Orgelbaumeister and the International Society of Organ Builders.