Organ Architecture

The external design of a pipe organ does not only mean the configuration of an independent object, but in terms of size as well as technical and artistic complexity it belongs to the architecture itself. For centuries, the required organ volume as an enclosed space has been furnished with a representative housing, of which its front of clever arranged shiny tin pipes visually represents the irresistible sound of the most impressive of all musical instruments.

A successful organ architecture first embodies the organ building concept and grants the organ case an aesthetically lasting convincing effect through the perfect interaction of proportions, formal idiom, line choreography, material and color. These parameters have to be ideally adjusted to the architectural conditions of the often historically valuable and sensitive installation site, thus the organ in the spatial structure advances to a harmonious addition to the furnishing ensemble.


Enthusiasm for the organ, fascination for art and architecture, talent for drawing and graphic design, but also lived musicality and creativity were the driving forces behind my professional specialization in the illustration and design of pipe organs. On the basis of constant practice, intensive deepening into the subject matter, participation in organ building as part of various internships and constant communication with professionals, I acquired the expert knowledge for the successful design of numerous organs in national and international projects in Europe and Asia. By now, I gained over 25 years of practical experience as a commissioned organ designer.


Each project is unique and requires both flexibility and artistic empathy from the designer in order to be able to respond to the surrounding architecture with a suitable organ design, taking into account all needs and requirements. I see this exciting challenge as a vocation that I exercise with personal commitment and creative passion – always aware of the great responsibility and in the tradition of our (world) cultural heritage.

For modern instruments I focus on innovative, for historic organ buildings on a stylistically accurate case design. The goal in any situation is an optimally integrated, individually custom-tailored solution in an accomplished design. As a result of a demanding quality standard, my graphics are characterized by precision, organ-engineering validity and visual persuasiveness.

It is desirable to have a holistic concept development in which the executing organ builder and other participants (organ building owners, organ experts, architects, monument conservators, etc.) are involved in the joint planning process.

Customer Groups

Basically everyone who requires organ illustrations of the type of computer graphics shown here benefits from the professional and artistic competence of my service offer.

Organ builders especially appreciate the time saved by my assignment with the design and drawing work. At the same time, workshop owners can ensure that their offers meet high presentation requirements in order to increase their market opportunities.

Organ building owners (church administrations, organists, organ building associations, cultural organizations, universities and private individuals) enjoy the advantage of using project support, which specializes in organ architecture, as well as being able to concentrate on an individually oriented design path from the outset, including independent expert advice, and thus also have better opportunities to compare organ building offers.

In addition, organ illustrations, competent texts, topic-related advertising and brochure design, booklets etc. are potentially interesting for all people and institutions active in the field of organ building and organ music.