Current projects (selection)

Linz (AT) | Basilica Pöstlingberg

Project type: Construction of an organ in the late baroque pilgrimage church
Project start: 2017
Design task: Organ design based on baroque principles in a simplified and modern version. The ornamentation (banner and text boards) was designed externally.
ext. link: organ description

Brunswick (DE) | Cathedral

Project type: Construction of a new two-part choir organ in the crossing
Project start: 2013
Design tasks: 1. Modern case design of a three-dimensional organ in the context of the significant architecture and historical equipment. 2. Design of an elegant central console.
ext. link: organ building society

Incheon (KR) | Central Methodist Church

Projekt type: Construction of an organ for the newly built church
Project start: 2019
Design tasks: Case design of a representative organ in front of the front wall with reference to the design of the church architecture. 2. Design of an equally designed, free-standing console.
ext. link: organ description

Weilheim (DE) | Stadtpfarrkirche

Projektart: Neubau einer Kirchenorgel
Projektbeginn: 2018
Gestaltungsaufgaben: 1. Schlicht-moderner Entwurf eines dreiteiligen, beschwingten Prospektensembles, das architektonisch in die Gesamtatmosphäre eintaucht. 2. Entwurf eines freistehenden Terrassenspieltisches.
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Bad Godesberg (DE) | Heilandkirche

Projekt type: New organ for the redesigned church
Projekt start: 2018
Design tasks: 1. Design for the hanging organ case according to given principles. 2. Design of a free-standing console which matches the new furnishings.
ext. link: organ description

Greiz (DE) | St. Marien

Project type: Restoration of the romantic Kreutzbach-Jehmlich organ
Project start: 2017
Design task: Design of a compact, free-standing console to match the neo-classicist organ case from 1880. The details are inspired by historical comparison instruments.
ext. link: organ description

Kahla (DE) | St. Margarethen

Project type: Building of a new choir organ as part division of a future new main organ.
Project start: 2017
Design task: Modern case design based on given design principles. The organ can be closed with double doors.
ext. Link: organ description

Bingen (DE) | Basilica St. Martin

Project type: Building of a new church organ
Project start: 2015
Design task: Design of an emphatic modern organ case that combines symmetry with asymmetry and takes the window situation into account.
ext. link: organ building society